Xen Must Die

"Look Loty...This is a war... Remember when we were fighting on Klendatu? We killed those Phenograns and there was no regret in it...

"But those were Phenograns and he was one of us!" Loty said.

"Yes he is...was a Quarian...But he was our enemy, who came here to kill us! Keelah they even used Geth! Geth, those monsters that have almost killed us all! They must be stopped...No matter what the cost...For the greater good!"

"But if you are so sure about this, then why did you stun al of a sudden?"

"Loty...I am not a Geth... I have emotions to you know that... besides that this was the right thing to do... Still he was a Quarian...if he..." She started to cry.

"Calm down Lia please, there is nothing we can do about it.""There is one more thing that it has to be done..."

"And that might be?"

"Xen must die!""Agree, we will hunt down that bosh'tet..."

They stayed in the room for a while. Lia started to talk about how she loves Lenn and how she is worried sick about how he is doing.